About Captain Franko

Captain Franko was born & grew up in the East End of London. He first started performing in 1989. Over more than a quarter of a century, he's developed dozens of different acts, and performed all over Europe.

He began his career as a fire-breather, on the streets of Paris, a few months after becoming homeless whilst still a teenager. After starting out of necessity, he developed as an artist over many years, adding numerous skills to his repertoire - magic, stilt-walking, juggling, singing, sword-fighting, whip-cracking & ventriloquism to name but a few. Franko has also hand-made many of his props & show equipment, as so many things are impossible to buy in a shop! You have only to look at the photos of the hand-built & hand-painted equipment he currently uses to appreciate his attention to detail.

Franko has worked a huge variety of venues, including festival stages, theatres, the Covent Garden West Piazza, cabaret venues, & many more.

The majority of his performances rely on improvised comedy, a skill honed over many years of hard work both in street shows & venues.

You may also spot the rather large photos of Franko dotted around Heathrow Airport - dressed as a granite statue.

With the professionalism of an experienced variety entertainer, he can work with you to provide the best for your event.