Carry On In Chains

A bit of old-fashioned cheeky family fun

Carry-on in Chains has a variety or presentation possibilities, from a 15-minute cabaret slot to a 30-minute full show. Full of carefully written word-play, and improvised around the audience too; plus a solid escape from solid steel shackles & a mailbag in the finale.

The show is adaptable for a huge variety of audiences & venues, from street entertainment festivals to cabaret & everyrthing in between. Just like in a traditional pantomime show, even the cheekiest of jokes within the show are over the heads of the kids.

This show has been enjoyed by audiences of all ages for a number of years, with something for everyone. It's been performed in a variety of locations, including Covent Garden Piazza, street festivals, cabaret clubs & inside St. Paul's Church during a variety evening.

You can see some photos of this act here.