horror sfx make-up

Discover spine-chilling transformations with our five-minute horror special effects makeup service. Our skilled artists will unleash the macabre upon you, crafting nightmarish wounds that appear disturbingly real.

The eerie metamorphosis unfolds in mere minutes. With a variety of gory wounds, our makeup artists are adept at creating these pain-free works of art.

Our secret lies in a fusion of precision and creativity, ensuring that convincing woulds are created, whose realism remains undiminished even close-up.

Perfect for Halloween and other themed events, our service offers a unique blend of efficiency and theatricality. Experience the thrill of instant transformation and embrace the darker facets of your imagination with our attention-grabbing horror special effects makeup.

Originally conceived for a premium-quality, quick turnaround service for a top UK theme park, as well as for events, our horror makeup is perfect for large numbers of background artists in the film industry. 

Our artists are using professional, hypoallergenic make-up products that comply with all EU, UK & FDA cosmetic regulations.

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